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Low cost fantasy dungeon equipment

Here at Hellish Metals we specialise in producing quality equipment in Steel and Wood. Our policy is to ensure that you are pleased with our workmanship and enjoy using our spectacular range of Bondage Furnishings. All equipment is strong, sturdy and manufactured with safety in mind. Below is a list of some of the equipment we specialise in :

Wood is used for our Floor Stocks: £80
Adult Highchair for adult babies and look absolutely fabulous in any adult Nursery they are made in steel and vinyl and cost £295
Our Medical Bench's are made in Steel / Vinyl or leather: £495
Iron Maiden/Cage is made in Steel this ensures strength: £395
Our famous Whipping Bench is made in steel / vinyl or leather: £395

Other items available in Steel, Wood and Leather are
Steel Racks
Hanging Stocks
Wooden Seated Stocks
Suspension/Spreader Bars steel
Steel Half Iron Maiden
Various Cages etc etc steel

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