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Bondage of any sort has always been a passion of mine. I love the power to render someone totally helpless and make them vunerable through inescapable bondage. It doesn't matter whether I use rope, leather or rubber to achieve that power, what matters most is how vunerable and helpless it makes my little toys feel


Many people don't like verbal humiliation or cp, or in fact any sort of pain at all, they just enjoy being a helpless toy of a Mistress who is an ardent bondage enthusiast. I enjoy trying new ideas so if there is a favorite bondage position you have always wanted to try, let me know, I'll have fun trying to duplicate it

For those who like stimulation while they are in bondage, the sensations can vary from pleasure to erotic pain, according to what you are seeking from your bondage experience.

For those who share my passion for electrostimulation, I now have 12 different power boxes and over 40 different attachments.

For novices or those who desire no pain at all, its amazing how effective just a silk scarf or stocking on the body can be in focusing all your senses.

For mild bondage sessions to total sensory deprevation, whether in rope, leather or rubber, I can tailor my sessions to suit the novice or the very experienced.

For the different types of equipment used please have a look at the galleries on my other two websites at:


and there you will find ideas for more specialised bondage and other aspects of domination.


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