For those of you wanting to know a little more about me....

I'm an experienced professional Dominatrix/Mistress with 10 years experience working within the fetish/BDSM/adult industry. I moved into doing fetish work very soon after and naturally progressed into doing Dom work and still enjoy every minute of it!

Prior to my experiences within this industry and lifestyle - I from an early age was able to mentally control and manipulate males into doing what I wanted. I've always had male friends eager to please or run errands for me. I often preferred the company of males to insecure bitchy girls! They [males] were far more interesting and exciting too. I enjoyed secretly toying with the minds of the opposite sex - it made me feel good as well as being highly amusing at times!!

For those of the opposite sex that really upset me at school a swift kick in the groin was never far away!
I would always stand in amazement at the way they curled up into little balls at my feet and made such a fuss if not crying their eyes out - well it certainly taught them not to upset me in future :) And so the lesson of respect began. I can even remember kicking guys in the nuts as far back as primary school for things like pulling my hair!!

At secondary school it seemed more appropriate to "peanut" the boys with their school ties - basically pulling them so hard if they pissed me off that it would near on strangle them but leave the knot in the tie so tightly done up they'd spend the rest of the lesson trying to get out of it - such fun, I’ve always been on the feisty side which then developed into being strong independent woman as I grew older. In my personal relationships in my adult life I think this is what has attracted the opposite sex to me in the first instance - but caused friction further down the line when I certainly wouldn't succumb to the "dominant male species" and be controlled or stay at home and "know my place" so to speak.


Likewise earning more financially would often dent the pride of my male counterparts. Whilst I believe balance and mutual respect and understanding is important in any relationships, I'm certainly not going to do things solely on others terms (male or female) when I have my own points of view as well as needs and requirements - I do like to be in control or at the very least share responsibilities in any relationships.

This said I am more than happy to take the lead, but treating others as you would wish to be treated despite my dominant persona is something I believe to be important always something I consider and aim to achieve with people.