I'm in my 30s, but in your mind I can be as old or as young as you desire. I offer most kinds of fetish, humiliation and fantasies. Your scenario will be skilfully played out to the limits we have set.

You out there, that would like to worship me, come to see me, let me see how good you can be for your Mistress. If you are not up to my high standard I will have to give you some strict training, to show you how to please your Mistress, to serve her well, to make her happy. My foot boot slaves have to excel to get their rewards. This Mistress loves to administer CP/CBT/NT, to see you squirm under her control, tied up and stretched on her rack. The sound of the implements on your bare flesh, whether it be, whip, cane, paddle, needles or electrics, watching you trying to wriggle free, moaning in anticipation as you are forcibly restrained, when the pain starts to rise to your threshold and beyond. I can be as hard or gentle as you want me to be. That's quite mind blowing to me, a real turn on.

I would like to take you to new heights, to extend your limits slowly and skilfully. Remember it's all in our minds.

Do you know who you are?

Let me push your boundaries; extend your horizons - if you dare. Let's see how far we can go.

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