I am a professional and lifestyle Domina. I am 39 years old, married, and live in Wigan, near Manchester.

I am looking to recruit new submissives and slaves for training in the BDSM lifestyle. My main interests are pure Domination & submission, humiliation, CP, traditional English-style Discipline, mild CBT, Chastity training and Obedience training.

I enjoy teaching newbies as well as the more experienced and will consider courteous applications from males, females, TVs and couples.

I am currently training a new Mistress, who may be available to join some sessions. Details on application.

I am an old fashioned Domina and I take my responsibilities very seriously. If you are looking for a Mentor, I may be willing to undertake that role for you. However, you should be aware that this must not be entered into lightly by either party. I would give advice and guidance, a certain amount of training if required (but no scenes together), and might also be prepared to introduce you onto the scene when I feel you are ready. If necessary, I would help to find a suitable Dom/me for you. Total honesty, trust and respect is required from both sides for this to work.

Please contact me initially either by email or phone (10am-9pm). Appointment only. Tribute expected.

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