Mummy Sadie welcomes all to her nursery to relive your babyhood. With a dedicated nursery to cater for you adult babies and whether you are an adult baby boy or an adult baby girl you can be treated with softness comfort and love, or babies who are very naughty can be treated with firm discipline.

Mummy Sadie has lots of baby equipment for you which include Dummies, Bibs, Dresses, Rompers,Nappies, Feeding bottles, Feeding bowls and spoons , Baby changing equipment ( talc, wipes , lotions , bubble bath , bath ducks, etc. rubber pants and baby shoes. Mummy Sadie takes great care and effort to understand your needs and that
you are stimulated and loved as only a true Mummy knows how.

Mummy Sadie occasionally offers baby sitting services to other Mummy's and has Baby parties on the first Thursday of the month where you will be able to play with other babies that day.

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