Welcome to my website. I'm Mistress Salome. Please feel free to have a look around my site and drop me a line if you have any questions or queries...


As a versatile dominatrix I play from soft till hard. Most types such as clinic, psychological play, transvestite training, classic SM, erotic SM are possible. You can also bring your scenario and clothes/toys for your particular kind of session. I own an extensive wardrobe to suit any type of roleplay. I enjoy teasing and play all kinds of mindfuckgames with humour, drama, spontaneous actions & interactions. Picture me as your fantasy lady, who visualizes your deepest dreams…

I love female supremacy, winning, smothering, facesitting, etc. There are several ways to wrestle: A competitive way, erotic nude wrestling, just for fun schoolkid kinda way, a combination with SM with strangulation, asphyxiation, smothering , facesitting and footfetish. I dare you to come and wrestle with me. No people above 220 pounds otherwise it’s not a power challenge . Wrestling can be dangerous for both parties and can cause serious injuries and bruises. People with hernia, arthritis, high bloodpressure or other physical problems should not wrestle or at least not in a competitive way. I have TaeKwonDo, Kickboxing, Aikido, jellyfighting, mudwrestling, acrobatics experience.

As a sub I like domination without humiliation in a soft till medium play. I’m a lustful slave, not very obedient, naughty, assertive seductive and tricky. I’m into rubber, leather, metal, fur and feathers. In the game I like hanging, asphyxiation, mummification,vacuumbed, all types of bondages in difficult positions, whips,vibrating toys, spindles. No spitting, humiliation, electro or visable marks.

Treat your body and mind and escape the world in a state of deep relaxation. Sport-massage , thai-massage, relaxing anti-stress massage (gentle), body to body massage, pressure-point massage, ayurvedic massage and tantra. It’s also possible to make a combination of various massage types and SM. Adjustable massagebed and massage-chair present in both studio’s.

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