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London Chambers Equipment :

Welcome to London Chambers The dungeon of ultimate domination. This dungeon is fully equipped to a very high standard and has many different pieces of equipment to force full control. Al pictures are 100% genuine and sessions take place in these actual chambers.

Bondage Bench

The bench is a traditional style bench made with hard robust wood and holds many straps to keep a slave trapped firmly in place.


This is not a free standing cage, its is custom made and built very securely into the walls of the chambers. The opening of the cage is made from heavy steel bars and only the jailers keys will bring you freedom.

Whipping block

This whipping block is a one off item - its the only one ever made, you will not find another like this. With its thick leather padding and many straps to restrain you completely.

This is the perfect bench for dildo training and all forms of corporal punishment.


As with all of our equipment the suspension is of the highest quality materials. It is safe, secure and has been tried and tested to the great pleasure of all the Mistresses.

All attachments including cuffs, boots and sack are Fetters. Any position is possible, Ideal for all slaves for torture to teasing. An excellent way to hang around for the afternoon.


London chambers has wall to wall implements including many whips, canes, tawses, crops, spanking bats, hairbrushes, and cat of nine tails, all varying in weight and size.

Electrics are E-Stim with sounds, butt plug cock bands nipple clamps, pin wheel and a working battery of course.

Strap-on dildo's vibrators and butt plugs are also in many sizes from very small for you wimps to the extra large for the very brave. Hot wax, needle play and a variety of extras are always available.

Here at London Chambers, we aim to give a slave a fresh, exciting and original experience. If there is something that you desire that's not written in the site just pick up the phone and ask. We are always adding to our collection. With your chosen Mistress and this fantastic dungeon you are going to have the session of all sessions, that is going to leave you always wanting and needing more.

TV Glamour

As well as having the best dungeon in London, there's is also an extensive array of TV wear. Beautiful dresses, shoes and boots, full make-up, school girl, french maid and much more - what more could a girl ask for.

Domestic Setting

We also have a room for comfort. Naughty boys in need of a good old fashioned over the knee spanking might find this room more apt. Bed bondage for the more gentle slave and running movies are also available in this area.

  TV Parties

Exclusive, Glamorous & Glitzy

Full of imagination it enables you to meet and mix with others have a fabulous time where you can relax and feel feminine for a day. Dress to dine, food and drink available.

You can dress as a "Lady"", a Tart, a Maid, a Schoolgirl or a Sissy Bitch. Whatever takes your fancy the choice is yours. We have an extensive TV dressing room with wall to wall mirrors for you to admire yourself in your chosen outfit.

All of this is available, all you have to do is ring and make a booking. So why wait call now. 

0207 289 4133 or 07849 423 363


A day in our world of fantasies, if you like to mix, is based on a set fee not by the hour.

Now I've got you thinking.....



Don't be disappointed - book your chosen Mistress in advance.