• East Sussex •

Greetings my future slaves. You may not even know it yet but you already belong to me. As soon as you begin to read this, as you imagine hearing my voice and look into my eyes you will realise that you are mine. Like a fly caught on a web I am sensing your desperate struggling to avoid the inevitable.
You begin to hear the sound of my high heels clicking and the swishing and cracking of my whip and you tremble with anticipation.

The atmosphere is electric as I decide what I am going to do with you to make you surrender to me. I will be your Mistress, your Lady Scarlet. You shall be mine. You will surrender all control and power to me in order to become my slave, my subject, my puppet, my plaything and toy. In return I will lead you to new levels of pain and pleasure and subject you to an as yet inexperienced state of submission.

We will journey together to the very limits of your imagination and beyond. I will truly become your darkest angel!

CP • Spanking • Fantasy Role-play • CBT • Electrics • Waxing
Watersports • Feet, Shoe + Stocking Worship • Humiliation

Worthy domestic slave required!
No withheld numbers.
Observe politeness + etiquette at all times.

TEL: 07708 635979
No withheld Numbers

Open Till Late